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If you wish to advertise a position suitable for a graduate Library Technician from Saskatchewan, email SALT at or contact the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library and Information Technology Program. Please include a link to your online posting.

What does a Library Technician do?

Library Technicians are highly trained in library procedures. A graduate Library Technician will provide support and assistance to Librarians in any type of library: Government, Public, Academic, School and Special.

They perform duties requiring special skills and techniques such as:

  • descriptive cataloguing, classification, coding and processing of print and audiovisual material
  • interlibrary loans
  • reader and public service functions including circulation, fiction services, storytelling, children’s and young adult materials
  • reference services including use of print and digital journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, indexes, directories, and databases
  • instruction in online searching
  • bibliographic services
  • operation of audiovisual software and hardware
  • production of instructional materials
  • public relations, including event planning, implementing visual displays, and managing programs
  • personnel management, including supervision of staff and volunteers
  • collection development, including acquisitions and maintenance
  • archive management

Hiring a professionally trained Library Technician will save you money and get the job done. Make a Library Technician a part of your library staff.